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M-E-D-I-A =
Message. Energy. Delivery. Influence. Attention.

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Jana Lynne White

I’ve been fascinated with words since I first learned how to use them.

A Southern Ontario farm kid with a passion for books and music, I discovered what I love to do at age twelve when I won a public speaking contest with my self-penned speech about Helen Keller.

Both blind and deaf, Helen educated herself (with the help of an inspired teacher) and learned how to communicate and reveal her deep soul wisdom, saying: “life is an adventure, or it is nothing at all.”

Her insight about the value of courage and experience helped shape my own life into a wonderful professional adventure.

Starting in Vancouver, I learned about media by first studying it, then working in it – in radio, television, advertising and acting..

In 1990, I was offered a dream job in Toronto as a co-host and producer of TheNewMusic on MuchMusic and then later hosted and produced my own show, SpeakEasy for MuchMoreMusic. I traveled the world, interviewed stellar pop icons, covered the alternative music scene and produced socially conscious documentaries.

One magical minute I’d be backstage in Barcelona, watching David Bowie as he took the stage in full costumed regalia. The next minute I’d be dancing all night long to the wickedly infectious sound of steel drums in Trinidad.

After a couple of decades of genuinely brilliant experiences in the media spotlight, I dropped out of media and big city life and dropped into a remote island rainforest.

Wild beauty, real wolves, and a deep dive look at my inner self – the good, the bad … and the beautiful. It was truly an awesome experience but eventually it felt creatively isolating.

And so, after seven years, I returned to lovely Vancouver to create my own diversified media business – JANA LYNNE WHITE MEDIA – doing what I love to do.

Now I coach conscious individuals and entrepreneurs – create content for online products and courses – and work as a voice talent, producer and interviewer.

Like Helen Keller said so well, the adventure is everything!



“A great conversation makes strangers, friends.” 

                                                     – Jana Lynne White