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Upfront Media Coaching. step up !

How to step up, stand out – and still be real.
You have a message to share.
And you know, deep in your bones, that with the right support – you can shine!
Before you invite the world’s attention, take time to build your courage, craft and comfort with a coach who knows how to support high performance and passionate people.

Jana Lynne White has coached music and business icons, artists and activists – supporting people with purpose to develop their clear message – a strong story and genuine comfort in really showing up. And when you learn to present yourself the way you want to be seen, you will become skillful and relaxed in front of the camera or the mic.
That’s when you begin to build an audience.

Getting real takes real work. UPFRONT COACHING
is for speakers – actors – artists – influencers –
anyone ready to reveal their unique self, purposely and powerfully
and connect with their ideal audience.
MEDIA = Message. Energy. Delivery. Influence. Attention!
Upfront Coaching with Jana Lynne White
For people ready to step up front, for real.


Joel Solomon

Investor. Advisor. Author. Convener. Citizen.

Jana Lynne White has a special and powerful gift as a coach.

Her extensive career on-air, in national television and radio, enables her to bring vitality, confidence, depth and astuteness to a presence and authenticity that is pure gold.

Over time, I’ve had the privilege of watching Jana support emerging leaders, from entrepreneur to change agent, bringing forth the best of what already lives in their spirits.

The more subtle wisdom and insight she evokes is often the perfect transition from raw material to genius presentation. Jana touches deeply held self-image, vanquishing uncertainty, unleashing potential – making modesty into magic.

Working with her is a privilege. Having her full attention is a power booster. And working with her over time is pure transformation.

I recommend Jana Lynne White for anyone wanting to step up their capability and their craft.


Dave Dhillon

I have had the pleasure to work with some of the best voice talents in the business. From New York to Los Angeles, Toronto to Vancouver, only a select few voice actors come to mind in their ability to ‘lift copy’ off the paper.

Jana Lynne White holds that distinction. She is a consummate pro and a pleasure to work with.

Dave Dhillon – President
Take Note Productions Inc.
San Diego, CA U.S.A.


Sean Aiken

Author/Speaker at OneWeekJob.com
Jana’s coaching has been an immense gift to my life and business over the last five years.

Her remarkable communication skills, unique creativity, and genuine curiosity – combined with her grounded spiritual nature and capacity to care – allows her to connect with anyone of any age.

My life and business is more full and rich because I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Jana. If you have the opportunity to work with her, please take it.

You, your work, and the world will be better as a result.”


Cliff Dumas

Jana Lynne White is one of those gifted professionals with coveted broadcast skills that understands the need for engaging content. Her experience ranges from network interviews with industry leaders in music, business and entertainment to coach and mentor for media professionals looking to amplify their skills.
Jana’s impeccable industry background and experience in radio and television has made her an exceptional addition to any team and we look forward to continuing to evolve our relationship to discover more and more projects to work on together.
Cliff Dumas – CMA | ACM | CCMA Award Winning Hall of
Fame Broadcaster and VP Of Operations for GoodLife Networks


Carrie Saxifrage

Author, The Big Swim – Coming Ashore in a World Adrift
On my book tour, I approached radio and TV interviews with comfort and confidence, as if Jana’s warmth and wisdom accompanied me through the experience. Thanks to Jana, I felt present in my body, enjoyed my connection with the interviewers and maintained a state of empowered peacefulness throughout the interviews.
The interviewers and my publicist were impressed. I highly recommend this media training.


Ed Boutilier

FACEBOOK 6:56am Oct 17
Hi Jana, I used to enjoy your interviews and your down to earth approach opening up the performer beyond what an ordinary media interview was. Anyhow, I just stumbled across a Neil Young interview that I have seen many moons ago and forgot how great you are!
Best regards,



Jordan Kawchuk

Producer. Writer
“As a producer, it is always a learning experience watching Jana command an interview. Always with this rare grace, intelligence, wit, and calm that makes it seem so damn effortless. I have watched, time and time again, a major celebrity or tastemaker walk into the room with their detached guard up, ready to snore through the familiar – only to exit the interview completely enlivened. The things Jana brings out of people always made they seem like old friends, instead of mere interviewees.”